8” Ceramic Resin Planter Pot for growing plants and herbs. 8” inches

8” Ceramic Resin Planter Pot for growing plants and herbs. 8” inches

8” Ceramic Resin Planter Pot for growing plants and herbs. 8” inches

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  • This small planter is perfect for planting herbs, annuals, and vegetables.
  • Features a resin design and our patented resin glazing process that will make your pot look like an elegant ceramic planter for a fraction of the cost and weight.
  • This Pot is perfect for compact enough for indoor, while durable enough for outdoor use.
  • Durable, and finished with UV inhibitor infused finish, the planter will help keep your plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, thriving while maintaining the same beautiful look year after year.
  • This durable planter will last a lifetime thanks to its patented faux ceramic glazed resin construction.  

The Your Choice Products Outdoor Patio and Indoor Garden 8” Ceramic Resin Planter Pot is the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor garden. Designed to hold anything from peppers and tomatoes to your favorite herbs, this 8” planter pot is just what you’ve been looking for and more. With its monochromatic finish, it will be the perfect addition to any room’s décor, and it will be the pop of color you’ve been looking for in your outdoor living space. It’s just as reliable and beautiful as a traditional terra cotta pot, but is more durable, lighter weight, and costs a fraction of the price. You can present a modern aesthetic while still growing your favorites, which is always a positive accomplishment.
This planter pot is 8-by-8-by-7 inches in length, width and height, respectively. This means that it’s the perfect size for a countertop planter. It will also look great on your patio or deck railing. No matter if you’re new to gardening or a certified green thumb, you’ll love how easy this pot makes it to cultivate your harvest. In fact, we think that you’ll like this planter pot so much that you’ll be back to purchase more planters—or even purchase it in one of the other available colors. With this planter pot, it’s easy to create the potted garden of your dreams.
Forget the days of walking around your local big box home improvement store trying to find a planter pot that will meet your needs. Once you bring this planter pot home, you’ll never make the mistake of blindly buying a planter from those stores again. Our ceramic resin 8” planter pot is the pot you’ve been looking for, and its style and durability won’t let you down. Bring yours home today so you can start your beautiful new garden.

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